American Marketing Association – Birmingham, Alabama

Wednesday April 19th 11:30 am

Making a Non-Profit Prosper:
A Case Study on Strategy, Creative, and Execution

Presented by Jamie Warren, President of Forté Marketing Group

In a year that saw Tsunamis, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the non-profit donation dollar was suffering. News articles reported that many non-profits experienced decreases in donations because the donor was simply tapped out. 

The Jimmie Hale Mission, a 62-year-old organization, was fearing a down year.  Through a sophisticated donor segmentation project, careful strategy, and multi-faceted media plan, they prospered.  Not only did The Jimmie Hale Mission show a marked donor increase from 2004 to 2005, they did it by spending less on fundraising than the previous year.  Jamie Warren, President of The Forte Marketing Group, will share how they did it.  The case study can be applied to any business experiencing soft market conditions or lagging sales.

Jamie Warren is a native of Birmingham and is the President of The Forté Marketing Group.  Half agency/ half strategic partner, the firm acts as an outsourced Marketing Department for small to medium-sized businesses. 

After a decade in media marketing and advertising – including tenures with Henderson Advertising, NBC Television, and two start ups – Mr. Warren formed The Forté Marketing Group to offer a turnkey marketing/ advertising experience for its clients.    

His vast experience in media production, promotions, and marketing have garnered him numerous performance awards throughout his career – from national TV commercial productions to sales accolades to targeted campaigns.

Mr. Warren holds a B.A. from Furman University. He is a member of TEC and The 1% Club. He also serves on the Virginia College Media Marketing Advisory Board and the Board of the Jimmie Hale Mission.  He resides in North Shelby County with his wife and 2 children.