Answers in Action Conference – Birmingham AMA – Answers in Action

Using Big Data to Target an Audience of One
Josh Jones | Managing Partner of StrategyWise

Speakers: Josh Jones 

B2B Success: Rising Above the Noise

Bebe Goodrich | President of Icebox Coffee

Speakers: Bebe Goodrich   

Storytelling & Marketing:  Why Business Blogging is Cost-Effective

Russell Hooks | Founder of Happenin’s in the ‘Ham

Digital Marketing Strategies

Jamie Parris | Senior Marketing Consultant at Uptick Marketing

Speakers: Uptick Marketing 

Strategy Matters: Exploring the Components of a Strategic Communications Plan

Chris McCauley | Director, Markstein

Practical Tips to Implement Marketing Automation the Right Way

John Burdett | CEO of FastSlowMotion

Nonprofit Roundtable Discussion

Moderated by Shannon Ammons, CEO of the Alabama Association of Nonprofits

Marrying Public Relations and Digital Media

Audrey Pannell | SVP of Public Relations at Style Advertising

Sales Has Changed

Susie Kelley | Principal at The Spot On Agency

Social Media Strategy

Taylor Whitaker | Founder; David Wilson | Advisor at Bham Social Media


David Wilson, 

Taylor Whitaker 

Bridging the Business + Customer Gap: The Power of Qualitative Research

Mary Ann Smith-Janas | President; Grace Bottcher | Analyst at Marketry


Mary Ann Smith-Janas, 

Grace Bottcher 

Data…The Power Behind Successful Direct Marketing

Darrell Edwards | Chief Marketing and Customer Officer at Mspark

Speakers: Darrell Edwards