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January 5, 2016 / Platinum, Sponsors /

UPS Connect is a new program offering tools and advice tailored specifically to early-stage, rapidly growing small businesses.
It consists of:

  • An easy-to-sign-up bundle: UPS CONNECT Discount (10% off Ground, 20% off Air/International and a free year trial of Smart Pickup)
  • Dedicated customer support representatives to assist with getting started (request a call or call 800-711-5914 that routes directly to a live person)
  • Virtual one-on-one whiteboard sessions with a solutions specialist (for more complex needs)
  • Expert content on specific topics, filtered by the customers

Why does it exist?

  • Startup business owners have big ideas, huge potential, and limited resources. We’re inspired by their innovation, drive, and ambition, and we’re committed to helping them grow in a way that’s right for them.
  • UPS Connect is a new program created with startups and entrepreneurs in mind. We want to help business owners free their time so they can focus on what makes them happy, and we are doing that by making ourselves more accessible and helping these owners find efficient solutions tailored for their specific needs.
  • Each startup has its own priorities, and we have resources that can help small business owners reach their goals no matter where they are in their journey. If they’re trying to find the best way to pack and ship their product, the packaging experts at The UPS Store can help. If they’re looking for a partner in sustainability, we can help. If they’re looking for help with e-commerce, we can do that. And if they’re ready to look at new markets, our logistics experts can help there, too. Our solutions and advice scale with our customers: UPS Connect is about flexibility to suit your personal needs that makes it easy to find the resources that most people never knew they could access.
  • In talking with these entrepreneurs, we see a lot of passion and a big desire to make a difference for their customers and communities. We are inspired by their enthusiasm and want to support their ambitions with resources and tools that can save them time, allowing them to focus on the big picture.

UPS and Growing Businesses

  • We are inspired by entrepreneurial determination and perseverance—by the thrill of creation. We believe in great ideas, and we believe in the desire to do more…and do better. We also believe logistics helps clear obstacles, and that’s what we hope to do for our customers.
  • We spend a lot of time talking with our customers. By having meaningful conversations about their goals and challenges – what they like and what they don’t – we can provide better services and products that let them focus on the big picture instead of the day-to-day minutiae.
  • A lot of startups begin as a company of one, and handling everything alone can be overwhelming. We have the opportunity to connect them to the right tools and resources that can help them focus on why they launched their business in the first place, and that’s a pretty rewarding thing.
  • We have worked with millions of startups and small businesses and have learned a lot over the years. Gaining perspective from outside experts; building an infrastructure with flexibility; and considering global markets are a few areas that we’ve discovered can help startups increase the odds of success.

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