Whiteboard it – Birmingham AMA – Answers in Action

January 4, 2016 / Gold, Sponsors /

Whiteboard is a Birmingham software company that specializes in getting results.  Whether web, android or iOS Whiteboard provides a customer experience and return on investment that keeps people coming for years on end.  It’s talented staff of developers and creative minds are an asset to our city and we look forward to seeing more of their creations.

Whiteboard was introduced to the AMA in 2014.  One of their contributions is this fabulous new website!  In addition, Laura Prewitt is an acting board member and promoter.

If you are looking for custom software developers or have a startup idea that you just can’t let go.  Call Whiteboard, or visit them downtown at the corner of 2nd and 20th right across the street from Paramount.  We enjoyed the experience working with them on the website and we think you will too.